The Salesforce MVP Community is Growing!

It is my honor to introduce you to our latest crop of Salesforce MVPs.  With the one year anniversary of the Salesforce MVP Program, we also have the opportunity of congratulating a set of MVPs that are serving their second term!  It is hard to imagine this program has only been around for one year with the powerful traction we've gained in the Community.

The MVPs in this group answers hundreds of questions, respond to late night tweets, write helpful best practice blogs, suggest great roadmap ideas, and run local user groups -- all in their SPARE time.  They are the ones that truly go above and beyond representing the spirit of the Salesforce Community. 

I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone in the Salesforce Communtiy when I say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Welcome to the wild world of the Salesforce MVP Program.  For more information about the MVP Program visit  

The Winter '12 MVPS:

Jenna Baze (Two Timer!)

Matt Bertuzzi

Matt Brown (Two Timer!)

Brandy Colmer (Two Timer!)

Chris O Davies

Rebecca Dente (Two Timer!)

Hannes Ellerbrock

Tal Frankfurt (Two Timer!)

Mike Gerholdt (Two Timer!)

Andres Gluecksmann (Two Timer!)

Javier Gonzalez

Brad Gross (Two Timer!)

Jeff Grosse (Two Timer!)

James Hemsley

Daniel Hoechst

Leyna Hoffer (Two Timer!)

Courtney House

Dave Manelski

Steve Molis (Two Timer!)

Mattias Nordin (Two Timer!)

Mark Passovoy (Two Timer!)

Francis Pindar

Garry Polmateer (Two Timer!)

Natalie Regier

Kevin Richardson

Rhonda Ross (Two Timer!)

J.P. Seabury (Two Timer!)

Alex Sutherland (Two Timer!)

Syed Yasir

Nebojsa Zgonjanin

MVP team building event at Gordon Biersch in San Francisco, CA.

DSC_0041Salesforce MVPs Mike Gerholdt, Jeff Grosse (CRMFYI), Leyna Hoffer and Andy Ognenoff meeting Marc Benioff at Cloudforce Minneapolis

Winter 12 MVPs
Salesforce MVPs Mark Passovoy (MarkPass), Rebecca Dente (sfdc_nerd), Matt Lamb (sfdcmatt), and Brad Gross (ImpStout) at the Community Conference.