Salesforce Chatter Mobile: Powering Micro-Moments with Files

Txt-msgNo one can argue the impact mobile devices have had on our personal lives. Now we can check off tasks on our to-do list anywhere we find ourselves with a spare moment. Just last week I ordered contact lenses, posted photos to Facebook and even made a payment on my mortgage—all from my smart phone.

And customers have made it clear they want this mobile innovation to extend to their professional lives and to connect in entirely new ways. They’re looking for tools to help them connect with customers, partners and employees to get work done, no matter where they are. Every salesperson should be able to update an opportunity or contact from the road. Every executive should be able to stay in lockstep with their organization from the device in their back-pocket. Everyone should be able to stay productive during all of their micro-moments with their mobile devices.

To help customers transform the way they work, is doubling down on mobile this year. In February we announced Service Cloud Mobile for delivering amazing service on any device. In March we delivered the next generation of Salesforce Chatter with business record access on mobile devices and a new publisher where you can update a sales opportunity, task or support case right in the feed. In April, we introduced Salesforce Platform Mobile Services to accelerate mobile app development for every customer. And most recently, we launched Salesforce Communities, the industry’s first social and mobile community solution.

Today, we are excited to announce our latest mobile breakthrough, files for Chatter Mobile, to allow you to find, share and connect with files like never before, all from any device. Now you can make the most of every micro-moment by:

  • Finding any file within Salesforce;

  • Sharing files with people and groups securely; and

  • Connecting files with any sales opportunity, service case, marketing campaign and more.  

Files are as central to the enterprise as photos are to Facebook and they should be shared just as easily. They convey critical information for every deal won, every marketing campaign launched, and every service question answered. For the first time, files are no longer stuck in on-premise content management systems. They are always easily accessed, previewed, and shared via any device whenever you want them. So if you need to access the latest version of a sales presentation on your Android, or if you want to present a marketing campaign directly from your iPad, you now have whatever you need in the palm of your hands. 

Download Salesforce Chatter from Apple App Store or Google Play today, and make every micro-moment count. And stay tuned as we continue to deliver mobile innovations on our road to Dreamforce November 18-21, 2013 in San Francisco.