5 Super Simple Tips to Make Your Brand More Enchanting

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Let’s face it, in social media, everyone’s vying for your customers’ attention. So how do you make your brand stand out from the rest? They key is to be enchanting! Here are 5 tips you can implement today, to make your brand more enchanting:

Cultivate a Little Personality

We’ve all seen it, brands dedicated to pushing content and not much more. Instead of solely pushing out your message, which makes a brand boring, pitchy, predictable, unapproachable and absolutely uninspiring - aim to convey personality and authenticity with every interaction. If the people behind your brand are smiling, your community should feel it.

It’s social! You’re having a conversation, so don’t bore people. Your unique presence and personality will separate you from your competitors. What do you want people to remember most about your brand?

Respond Promptly

Today, no one wants to wait in a phone queue. Customers are turning to social because of its instant nature. Therefore, it’s not enough for your brand to engage. You’ve got to be quick about it. Gone are the days of getting back to your clients in 24 hours. We’re all impatient and our attention spans are getting shorter.

Therefore,  you’ve got to make every effort to get back to customers and potential customers within the hour — even if that reply can only be, “We’re working on it and should have an answer shortly.” Never let your community feel ignored.

Engage and Be Inclusive

I’m a big believer in being inclusive vs. exclusive when it comes to brand communities. You should interact and engage with as many people as appropriate, treating them all as equals. Treat the new name reaching out to your brand as kindly and expeditiously as you would the well-known influencer. Remember how you felt the first time a big brand took you seriously. Make everybody feel valued and appreciated.

Set Expectations

Don’t leave your customers or your community guessing. Set expectations for things like who will be responding and when. No one wants to guess if their question is going to be answered now or tomorrow when you’re back in the office. Publish the hours you’re actively engaging on each of your channels and who will be responding. This gives your customers and your community clear information on when you’re online and they’ll be pleased to know that they can count on you to be there when they reach out.

Use Different Forms of Media

Did you know there are at least seven different learning styles? Text alone isn’t going to cut it for everyone. Think about your customers and their different learning styles and how you’ll incorporate these different styles into your social strategy to help make your brand more enchanting to a wider audience.

You can create videos on YouTube, conduct video chats on Google+, host webinars and create podcasts so that everyone in your community can get to know your brand (and your team) in the way that feels the most comfortable to them. Added bonus, chatting with people face-to-face (even if it’s across the social web) connects you on a deeper level than just Tweeting or emailing.

Are you using any of these methods to wow and amaze your customers and community? What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below or Tweet me @Dayngr.

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