How to Improve Sales Revenue by 41% Without Spending a Dollar

4 Secrets to Double Sales PerformanceIf practice makes perfect, then planning must make easy – or at least easier. Donal Daly breaks down the importance of account planning in his new bestseller, Account Planning in Salesforce.  Luckily for us, Donal Daly will be joining our Salesforce team for a special #salesforceLIVE webcast on Thursday, August 22, titled, "4 Secrets to Double Sales Performance."

"Planning is never the most fun thing any of us do. It requires discipline and stamina, and provides very little immediate gratification. But you need to keep your eyes on the prize. On average, you will see a 41% improvement in revenue achievement with the right planning strategy.  But then, you are not average, are you? You can probably do better.

On the other hand, you might not choose to plan at all and enjoy blissful ignorance, never knowing the opportunity you’ve missed. Here’s a thought:

The nice thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of worry and depression (John Preston, Boston College)." *

Let Daly himself tell you more about it, and be sure to register for the webinar at the button below.


*Reprinted from Daly, Donal (2013). Account Planning in Salesforce. Print edition