10 Types of Scary Sales Leads [INFOGRAPHIC]

Scary-sales-prospectsIt’s nearly Halloween time again, and the country is gearing up to celebrate all things spooky and frightening. While this autumn ritual is usually exclusive to scary costumes and decorations, experienced sales reps know that there is often a more frightening (or frustrating) aspect to their day: difficult sales prospects.

At the other end of every email you send and call you make, there could be a scary sales lead waiting to pounce.

These leads can drag their feet, bleed you dry, and steal your time and energy. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself surrounded by these scary leads, haunted day and night by the spektors of tough sales calls.

But fear not! We’ve created the guide below to help you identify these scary leads, and learn the best tactics for turning each monster back into a reasonable sales prospect. So grab some cider, throw on your halloween costume, and get excited to conquer the scariest sales leads.

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