Providing context in a single glance has been the underlying design philosophy of the Service Cloud Console. An agent should have enough information about the caller or product from the outset to service 80% of the calls. For the remaining 20%, the agent can always drill further into any particular... Read More »

One of the primary objectives of the Service Cloud Console is to improve agent productivity by providing more context. When a call comes in, relevant information about the caller such as account and contact information, case history, entitlements and call scripts should be no more than a click away. While... Read More »

Many folks have reached out to me asking about the behavior of custom buttons in the Service Cloud Console. While there is no translation of behavior for custom buttons into the Console context, it can be done. For example, clicking on a button to open a new window in the... Read More »

Agents need contextual information to service customers effectively and quickly. Information like contact and account details, entitlements and service contracts and case history must be readily available. Contextual information is not limited to records though. Billing systems, order entry and various other external systems fall under this umbrella. In... Read More »

Thanks to Rich Potter and Thomas Nelson for inspiring this blog entry. The Service Cloud Console was designed for high volume call centers (Tier 1 customer service/ Tier 2 & 3 product support). In these environments, agents work primarily on the Case and Contact entities, moving quickly from one call... Read More »

It’s never been this easy to extend the Price Book to meet your growing business needs. The ability to customize Price Book enables you to offer the right products at the right time through the right channel to your customers. Here at, we understand how important effective selling is... Read More »

Like those folks we all know who get excited about the beaujolais nouveau release each November, we CRM aficionados look forward each year to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation (SFA). Gartner is the global leader in helping companies understand how they can put technology to work for business... Read More »

The Winter '13 release is quickly approaching and soon you'll be able to take advantage of exciting new features and functionality! If you are a Sandbox customer, you have the opportunity to get early access to Winter '13 in your Sandbox and test new customizations and features before... Read More »

We speak with hundreds of large, established organizations around the world every week. And based on their stories we can only conclude it's a tough world out there. But you probably already knew that. So let's get more specific. Many of these companies are locked into expensive and inflexible CRM... Read More »

Game over. Apps have won. Millions of your employees are using apps everyday to get their job done. How are you enabling your customers to use them? The salesforce platform is designed to build contextual apps and let your employees use the apps the love. Get started now for free. Read More »