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We received several Twitch submissions (Twitter-inspired elevator pitches) and wanted to share a few of our favorites. Why did we pick these ones in particular? In the spirit of the Olympics, each fulfilled the four required elements: Catchy and memorable Makes us want to know more about the person Sounds... Read More »

A big part of any company’s social transformation is figuring out what metrics you’re going to track and creating visibility for the top and worst performing teams. In the first post in this series we explained why we settled on subscribers, video views, and blog visits as our top three... Read More »

The CIO: The U.S.-based Business Units are fools. I offered my services, they refused. So did the European Business Units. Now they can both pay for their mistake. James Bond: World domination. The same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they're Naploeon. Or God.[1] [1] Not-so... Read More »

To grow a business, you need leads. So how do you fill the funnel, especially if you’re a small business that no one has heard of yet? Well if I look back at how we’ve grown our business at, the formula has been pretty simple. It’s been all about... Read More »

Learn how to double or triple your Twitter following in eight easy steps. Read More »

To get your marketing organization to embrace social, you’ve got to show them how it leads to more pipeline. No one doubts that a social revolution is taking place, but if you can’t make that connection and help people visualize the future, it will be hard to drive your social... Read More »

When businesses create a Facebook page, they have one major question – how do we get more “Likes”? Other than being an obvious popularity score, “Likes” on your business Facebook page are important because: Those who click 'Like' on Facebook pages are 2.4x more connected with your brand than the... Read More »

A big part of any company’s social transformation is figuring out what metrics you’re going to track and how to create visibility for the best and worst performing teams. Having a compelling dashboard will help you gain executive support and it is a great way to make the broader organization... Read More »

Many brands today are posting on Facebook as a means of connecting with their customers and prospects. However, very few have mastered the basics such as the ideal post length, use of imagery, use of color and linking. When used correctly, these small improvements will add up to increased engagement... Read More »

Nowadays most brands realize that they have to actively engage with customers and build up their social media presence in order to be successful. What often gets overlooked is an honest assessment of where they are on that engagement journey. Ant’s Eye View is a social media consulting firm that... Read More »